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The DJB Sports Remote Log Interface Allows Stations To Save On Board Ops

This software pays for itself in weeks! Run sports or remotes with no one on the board! Works with DJB II and DJB Radio Systems.

Note: Audio switcher and phone coupler devices required please call for pricing.


The completely unattended Control Room - no more board op missing breaks during local or national sports broadcasts!

Before our Sports - Remote Interface, getting a local high school game on the air required:

  • The traffic manager had to build a special log and insert it into the schedule
  • The play by play announcer traveled to the game
  • You had to pay an announcer to sit at the studio waiting for cues, then play the local break and return to the play by play announcer

Let's be honest

That announcer back at the studio is bored to death during the games and usually on the phone talking to his or her romantic partner while watching TV and/or playing a video game on their phone. And, oh yeah, listening for his cue.

With DJB's Sports - Remote Interface, the whole process is simplified:

  • The traffic manager creates one template for the whole season. It doesn't have to be inserted into the log at all.
  • The play by play announcer only needs to press a button to start the event and whenever he wants to go to break.
  • The announcer at the studio...well he's not even there. Your DJB Radio Automation is taking care of everything. When the game ends, it jumps back into regular programming.

It works with remote broadcasts, high school, college or pro sports, any kind of off-site broadcast can be run with an unattended control room using this money-making piece of software.

DJB Sports Log makes building logs for unattended broadcasts easy DJB Sports Log makes building logs
for unattended broadcasts easy

Some low-cost hardware is required to trigger the automation. Call us for details.


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