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DJB's Internet Voice Tracking Allows You To Voice Track Your Station From Anywhere

DJB's Internet Voice Tracking client connects to the Voice Tracking Server built into DJB ZoneDJB Radio and DJB II Radio Automation Systems.


DJB Internet Voice Tracking for Remote Talent


Internet Voice Tracking client is an add-on designed to run with DJB Zone, DJB Radio, and DJB II Broadcast Automation Systems with built-in Voice Tracking Server.

DJB Internet Voice Tracking runs on any modern PC, laptop or desktop:

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Processor above 1.5Ghz
  • 4GB Ram
  • 500GB  Hard Drive
  • 1080p display

Designed for Touch Screens with large, easy-to-finger buttons. You can also use keyboard and mouse.

Microphone Required - works with USB Mics, Windows compatible sound cards with plugin mics, or high-end audio interface and microphone.

Take advantage of talent with “Great Pipes” and have them remote voice track right your station log right from their home computer or laptop. Once connected over the Internet to the station’s network, remote talent can audition the break, hearing both the end of the previous log event and the beginning of the next while they record their voice. An audition feature after record allows the remote talent to adjust the timing if needed before the finished product is sent to home station.

“One hour of talent Remote Voice Tracking can generate six hours of LIVE sounding programming.”

This gives the "feel" of being live and the ability to record "hit the post" on a song. DJB Internet Voice Tracking software also pre-calculates the correct length of the voice track position to be recorded and lets the announcer see the suggested record length and once the recording is started, a countdown clock appears to assist the talent.

Note: For secure access to the radio station audio and database, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is required and must be provided by the station. At the talent end, a Windows ™ laptop or computer, USB microphone, headset and an Internet connection are needed.

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