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DJB Radio 16 Channel Logger Unveiled at NAB 2017DJB Radio 16 Channel Logger Unveiled at NAB 2017

INTRODUCING: The DJB Webstream 16 Channel Logger - perfect for today's clusters

Radio Logging Software reinvented!  DJB's Webstream Logger is a revolutionary update on the old tape and even early digital loggers.  No longer do you need expensive multi-channel audio interfaces to record your station and for sales department to monitor the competition.

You can monitor up to 16 stereo signals using just their webstreams and no audio cards! Or you can mix any combination of audio card and webstream inputs.

DJB's Webstream Monitor can also double as a silence alarm and a stream monitor, alerting you of dead air or stream outages.  Or use it as a Mic Skimmer.  Our radio logging  software can multitask so you can allocate channels as needed.

Radioworld named DJB's Radio Logging Software as Best of Show at the NAB Convention

Our award winning radio logging software lets you record any channel in any sound format at any bitrate quality, stereo or mono. And your recordings can be available across your internal network with our password protected web interface. It's so good, RadioWorld's panel of engineers awarded the DJB Webstream Radio Logging Software the Best of Show at NAB.


We recommend more channels, you'll find more ways to use this incredible tool.

djb radio logger 1 channel 480w

Perfect for small market stations or webcasters to keep an audio log of your station. This is a huge improvement over old tape or earlier digital loggers with expensive sound cards.

djb radio logger 2 channel

Keep a recording of everything on your station and do a mic skim for your announcers. Monitor & record your webstream on the 2nd channel - off air web alarm interface included!

djb radio logger 4 channel

Great for small station groups. Keep an audio log for up to four stations or you can log 2 stations & monitor your web streams with the other two - off air web alarm interfacing included!

djb radio logger 8 channel

Know everything about your market record your stations and the competition or record as a logger Off Air on 4 stations, then your sales department can Competition Monitor with DJB’s webstream interface, and webstream monitor OFF-Air with the other 2 channels. It’s very efficient for all departments in radio.

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