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Jim JJ Johnston of CISF-FM in Surrey BC reviews DJB Raxdio Support

"Rob (DJB Support) solved our problem in his usual expedient and friendly way"

Jim JJ Johnston, JJ International Media/Management for CISF-FM
Surrey, BC

John Jordan of reviews DJB Radio Automation

"We looked at all the major automation systems and decided on DJB for its cost and flexibility"

John Jordan,
Nashville, NC

Brad Retz, WMYB Killeen, Texas

"It came down to DJB Radio software for the ease of use, and its fully digital integration with Wheatstone hardware...After powering up everything for the first time a year ago, with it working the first time with very little configuration."

Brad Retz, KMYB
Killeen, Texas

bill smith of kflk in minot says djb-2 was very reasonably priced

"We were overwhelmed at the number of automation systems and the costs. DJB-II was very reasonable, easy to navigate and train on, and has been running now for two full years without incident."

-- Bill Smith
KFLK, Minot

Bob Rule, KPIN Pinedale, WY

" appreciative I am of Rob's help getting us going again. This was probably one of those instances where your company spent $600 in customer service to make a $195 software package work!"

Bob Rule, KPIN
Pinedale, Wyoming

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