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CJRI-FM Fredericton, NB Canada

"Before CJRI went on the air in 2005 we researched the available broadcast automation systems and settled on DJB because of the reasonable cost and the fact that it included everything we required."

Ross Ingram
CJRI Radio
151 Main Street
Fredericton, NB Canada

DJBRadio Review Patrick Lopeman WMOM, Ludington, MI

"Upgrading from a 10 year old Audisk system to DJB was our plan. Once DJB was installed and with their technical help, we simply never had a problem."

Patrick Lopeman, WMOM
Ludington, MI

Larry Batson - Wire 92.2FM RadioMom

"We live DJB - Digital JukeBox. It's simple and it WORKS! Makes us sound like pros!"

Larry "The Animal Guy" Batson
WIRE 92.2 / RadioMom
Lebanon, IN

DJBRadio Review DC - KHLB - KZZM


"Coolest thing !!... With The Production and OnAir Software Running Side by Side...
I'm Able to Download, Cut & Edit, Then to OnAir in No Time!!"

DC, Programming / Engineering, KHLB/KZZM
Mason, TX

Tim Dench of WJHI-FM in Jeffersonville, IN

"We built a brand new facility and  the decision was to include only the best equipment and support that we could find. DJB Radio is the backbone of our station."

Tim Dench, Station Manager, WJHI-FM
Jeffersonville, IN

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