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Jeff Davis, GM WHGM Havre De Grace, MD says DJB Radio software is the easiest radio automation program he has ever used.

The Whole Email From Jeff

Dated 2-1-2015

I have been working with DJB over the weekend implementing CBS new into our line up and I have to say that making the changes were so straight forward and easy to accomplish.

We use DJB with Westwood One satellite 24 Hour formats and we also take CBS news from another satellite and the system handles it flawlessly!

I can honestly say that I have worked with iMedia Touch, Zetta, Scotts Studio & WideOrbit which costs many thousands of dollars and I look back on all the money I have spent on these systems and wonder wh7y I didn’t use DJB from day one. DJB has so many features and flexibility and often times more than the automation systems that set you back several thousands of dollars.

I urge other radio station’s NOT to make the 7 to $10,000 mistakes I have made in the past purchasing radio automation software. DJB can and will do everything you could possibly want in an automation system.

-- Jeff Davis, Consultant  Radio Done Right
Havre De Grace, MD

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