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ibroadcaster radio automation for itunes - itunes icon By Chabe01 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

WINNER: NAB BEST OF SHOW 2017! iBroadcaster iTunes® Pro for PC is similar to our Button Broadcaster Pro, but uses your existing iTunes® Library! Great for Internet Broadcasting.


iBroadcaster for iTunes® Pro runs exclusively on a Windows PC. It does not run on a Mac.

iBroadcaster Turns iTunes® into Real Internet Radio Software

best of show award 2017 ibroadcaster for itunesBest Of Show at the NAB!
iBroadcaster for iTunes® Pro
iBroadcaster gives your On Air talent a real "radio station" feel, but lets you manage your music library in the familiar iTunes® interface. Your iTunes® genres become the Tab categories in iBroadcaster. You can run both iBroadcaster and iTunes® at the same time. Your changes in iTunes are instantly reflected on the iBroadcaster On Air screen.

Works just like Button Broadcaster Pro with HotKeys, built-in Template Scheduling for greater music control, the auto schedule playlist with auto segue, and more.

iBroadcaster for iTunes pro runs only on WindowsiBroadcaster for iTunes® Pro runs only on Windows

Instant Internet Radio Station

Just add a USB mic, your favorite headphones and set up the built-in streaming server. We've got auto-ducking on your mic input so your mix will always sound just the way you want. And our streaming setup makes it simple to connect to SECURENET, Shoutcast, Live 365 or with to any internet broadcast streaming service with TCP/IP.

There is a built-in equalizer and processor so you can tailor your sound the way you want. iBroadcaster is also VST plugin compliant so you can add even more powerful audio processing.

More iBroadcaster for iTunes® Pro Features

iBroadcaster for iTunes Pro lets you find any audio cut instantlyiBroadcaster for iTunes® Pro Lets You Find Any Audio Cut Instantly

Button Box Ideas

How customers are using DJB Button Box Software

  • Internet Radio
  • LPFM / Community FM Stations
  • High School & College Stations
  • Radio Morning Shows
  • Personal Jock Cart Wall - loaded on laptop!
  • Production - instant access to production library saves time
  • Television programs and production
  • Party Sound Machine for Mobile DJ
  • Public Announcements - fairgrounds, skating rinks, event venues
  • Game Day Sports Production - sound effects - sponsor announcements

iBroadcaster for iTunes® Pro Library Management

iBroadcaster for iTunes Pro grabs the library you've already built-in iTunes® and loads it completely, using the iTunes Playlists for categories and scroll bars at the top and right side of the library to find your cuts.

Any changes you make in iTunes show up instantly in iBroadcaster for iTunes® Pro.

Find Any Audio Cut Instantly

Search your iTunes® audio library and find any audio by Artist, Title or Genre.

Audio Editing

audacity-audio-editing-suite-is-built-into-djb-ibroadcasterAudacity® Audio Editing is fully integrated
with iBroadcaster for iTunes® Pro

Catch a sloppy segue? No worries, one of the cuts probably needs to have some dead air trimmed. In iBroadcaster for iTunes® Pro, you can just right-click the cut's button in the library to open the cut in Audacity® Audio Editor and make changes without leaving the program.

Audacity® is an easy-to-use, open-source multitrack audio editor that can record, edit and apply dozens of effects to virtually any audio file you can imagine.

Playing Audio with our Internet Radio Software

button in our internet radio sbroadcasting libraryJust Click
to Play
It’s the whole purpose of your internet radio broadcasting software, so it better be easy, right?  Press any button in the library and the audio starts instantly. Press another button and it fades the first track to start the next.  Want to check how much time is left before it ends? A progress bar is right there on the button


iBroadcaster for iTunes Pro PlaylistiBroadcaster for iTunes® Pro Playlist View


DJB Radio Button Box radio automation software is written lean to run fast on most modern PCs:

  • Windows 7 or 10 Pro
  • Minimum 4GB Ram
  • Desktop or Laptop
  • 500GB to 1TB hard drive
  • LCD Monitor minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 1024
  • Windows compatible sound cards are acceptable: Full overlapping audio from single-stereo, dual stereo, or multi-channel cards
  • 1 GB Ethernet network adapter & CAT5e or CAT6 net cables highly recommended

Designed for Touch Screens with large, easy-to-finger buttons. You can also use keyboard and mouse.

You can mix MP3, MP2, WMA, M4A (iTunes) and WAV audio formats.

Look At This Cool Stuff!

On the left side of the screen is the playlist. You can drag any cut in the library to it, getting it ready to play. Rearrange cuts by dragging them up and down Replace cuts by dragging in a new cut from the library.

When you play a song from the playlist, the play button changes to Pause ad you can stop a cut at any time.  The time remaining if also displayed along with a progress bar.  On the right side, you can also fade the current file. After the song ends or fades, it is removed from the playlist and the next cut moves to the top.


autosegue on djb internet radio broadcasting softwareAuto Segue

Auto Segue

But the real power is at the top of the list: the Auto Segue button. Turning it on starts the first cut in the playlist (unless it's already playing). As that cut ends, it starts the next cut, flawlessly overlapping them. Auto segue will continue as long as the playlist has anything left to play.


ibroadcaster for itunes pro internet radio broadcasting software will fill your schedule automaticallyAuto Sched

Auto Scheduling

A 10 cut playlist doesn't give you much walk away time – but Auto Sched will. When you turn it on, the playlist never goes empty. You can define the settings: any cut in the library, or any cut in the tab.

Template Scheduling

DJB Internet Radio Broadcasting Software Gives You More Control With Template ClocksDJB Internet Radio Broadcasting Software Gives
You More Control With Template Clocks
Schedule Your Hourly Clock Templates Throughout The WeekSchedule Your Hourly Clock Templates Throughout
The Week With Drag and Drop Ease

Want more control over your programming? iBroadcaster for iTunes® Pro extends your control with template scheduling. Create as many hourly templates (clocks) as you like, then assign those to a weekly grid. 

Flipping the Mic Is Easy

Cracking the Mic for Your Internet Radio StationFlipping the Mic for Your Internet Radio StationWho needs a control board?  With iBroadcaster for iTunes® Pro, you get a microphone channel built in. Tap the Mic button and the audio gets “ducked” under your voice automatically! 


Set Keyboard Hot Buttons

We're Designed for Touch - But Have Keyboard Mapping, TooWe're Designed for Touch Screens
- But Have Keyboard Mapping, Too
DJB Button Boxes are built for Touch Screens use - we pioneered that back in the mid-80's.  But you don't need a touch screen.  All button boxes work just fine with mouse and keyboard.  And our iBroadcaster for iTunes Pro® also supports key mapping so you can assign functions to the keyboard. 


Digital Signal Processing Built In

Shape the Sound of your Streaming Radio StationShape the Sound of your Streaming
Radio Station on these two Panels
Back in the day of vacuum tube mixing boards, disc jockeys had to "ride the levels" by constantly adjusting the volume of the songs. Our iBroadcaster for iTunes® Pro software has DSP – Digital Signal Processing built in.  It also has an onboard equalizer and allows you to add VST plugins, too so you have complete control of your sound.



Prove You Played It

Making money by playing ads in your stream means you need to provide a record that you played them.  Our Button Box Internet Radio Broadcasting Software does that with “asrun” logging.  As any audio track is played, the system adds to the log – and then gives you a spreadsheet ready list so you can prepare affidavits.

Built for Streaming

Audio Out + Now Playing Metadata

You Can Watch Your Streaming Output Right On ScreenYou Can Watch Your Streaming
Output Right On Screen

The iBroadcaster for iTunes® Pro automation system is designed to be used for Internet Streaming with both audio output through any windows compatible audio card and IP-based streaming output.

You also get "now playing" metadata to include with your stream or to put on your website.

Get TRIPLE Overlapping Sound AND Audition Output Like High-End Radio Automation Systems

You can have professional audio segues with 3 channels of sound overlapping AND be able to audition cuts off the air with just two audio cards.  They can be simple Soundblaster style windows compatible cards or high-end pro audio interfaces.


All these features for just $495. Got Questions?  Call DJB Radio at 702-487-3336


Compare Button Box Features

Database/Library ManagementButton
iTunes Pro
Automatically creates audio database and plays files from local folder
Uses iTunes to manage audio library
Add cuts with drag and drop action
Adjustable color coded buttons/tabs
Edit button/tab text
Drag and drop to reorder buttons and tabs - move cuts between tabs
Quick Search – find any cut fast



Edit AudioButton
iTunes Pro
Audacity Recorder - Editor included
Edit Cuts in program
DSP - Audio Processor Included
VST Plugins



Play AudioButton
iTunes Pro
Instant Push Button Play/Stop
Separate Configuration of Audio Out for Library, Playlist, Editor
Drag and Drop audio cuts to the playlist



Voice Tracking AutomationButton
iTunes Pro
Voice Track up to 7 days in advance



iTunes Pro
Preload up to 10 cuts to play sequentially
Manual start or autoplay all ten cuts
Auto Fade out on Segue
Drag and Drop audio cuts to the playlist
AutoFill Playlist from Page, Tab or whole library
Automatic Daily & Weekly Log Generator
Template Builder



Mic MixButton
iTunes Pro
Live Mic-Mix To Your Stream
Auto Ducking



iTunes Pro
Now Playing Metadata



iTunes Pro
Asrun Play Log generated in spreadsheet format



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