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DJB-2 starter radio automation software bundle

Starter Bundle consists of the On-Air, Production, Scheduler, and Voice Tracking suite of software installed on 1 computer. Training Videos & Manuals available on request.
Ideal for Internet Radio!



Your Best Radio Station Software Value: The DJB Starter Bundle

The DJB Starter Bundle is a good option for stations that have already experience with the software and for operations that have limited technical and operational requirements.  Installation support can be purchased by the hour, and annual email support is also available and affordable.

Music format stations, both broadcast and Internet, will find the Starter Bundle a great way to get proven radio station software at a price that won't break the bank.   


Features you will appreciate:

Affordable radio station software can run on one computer or several.
DJB-II Radio Station Software Can Run On One Computer
On-Air on Left Monitor - Production on Right


You can run the DJB-II Starter Bundle on just one computer with two monitors - this means you don't need a second studio, or even a second computer.  The On-Air will play continuously on one monitor while you're doing Production, Voice Tracking and Scheduling on the other monitor.

"Real" Radio Interface

While there are other inexpensive automation software choices (including our Button Box series), most them do not follow the same interface paradigms that have been proven in real radio stations for the last 30 years.  This becomes very important when new announcers join your station or if the software is being used in an educational setting training future announcers for real world careers.

A Complete Production Suite

You don't need to add an audio editor, our Razor Blade editor will work great (it's included). And the main production software will allow you to control how your music library sounds on the air.  While you're setting up your music library, you'll appreciate the bulk import features.

DJB-II Radio Automation Screen With Updated Weather PanelDJB-II OnAir Screen
Showing Auto-Updated Weather

"Live" Voice Tracking

Voice Tracking the DJB-II way is all the fun of being on the radio, without waiting for the songs to end. You'll be able to "hit the posts" just like you're on the air.


Sure, it's a boring subject, but you will love the way it makes your station sound.  DJB-II's built in scheduling software will help you make your station sound better than it ever has.

Streaming Setup

If your station is streaming? You'll love how easy it is to set up SECURENET, Shoutcast, Live 365 or TCP/IP.  And the "Now Playing" options are great, too.

 Feature List

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DJB-II Feature List

Why pay double or triple for Radio Station Automation when the DJB-II Radio Automation Starter Bundle is available at such a low price.  Call us at 702-487-3336 to get a FREE trial and find out how much power you get for such a small investment.

Discover What DJB-II Can Do In Your Station

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Compare DJB-II Bundles

DJB-II Bundle OptionsStarter
DJB-II Radio Automation Software - including both On-Air and Production Suites
Web Dial-Up Basic Installation Assistance (hours)
Full Access to Training Videos and "How-To" Online Manual
1 Year of 365 Phone and Email Support
S.W.I.F.T. Web/Phone Training for DJ's, Traffic & Programming Personnel
Sports / Remote Log
Internet Voice Tracking Client
Centerstage RDS for FM Radio
Broadcast Tools Switcher for satellite stations

LEGEND:     = Included       = Not Included       = Optional at extra cost    
= Number of hours of Basic Web help included

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