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djb2 satellite radio automation software bundle 480w

Setting up switchers can get complicated.  Our Satellite Bundle includes plenty of help to get all of your satellite programming set up right.                                                                                               



Our DJB-II Satellite Bundle is Satellite Savvy

 Feature List

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DJB-II Feature List

DJB II Radio Automation Software has lots of important features for stations who get the large portions of their programming from Satellite feeds.  Our Satellite Bundle includes the DJB-II Software, 1 year of basic web technical support and 4 hours of Live web dialup support to work through the details of your satellite programming. 

Switchers & Command Cuts

In addition to your DJB-II Satellite Bundle, you'll also need a Broadcast Tools Switcher (sold separately).  Think of it as a radio console for satellite feeds.  In it's simplest form, the satellite receiver sends the audio to the switcher and DJB-II uses the switcher to turn the audio on and off. The switcher communicates to your On-Air computer with "serial commands."

DJB-II Satellite Grid Editor DJB-II Satellite Grid Editor
Easily Assign Switch Closures

Of course, it's a bit more complicated. The satellite also sends signals telling the automation to take a break or play a Station ID. Depending on your format, there can be many different signals sent by the network.  And if you get your news from one network and your music format from a different source, things can get a little more complicated.  News/Talk formats, with programming from multiple sources or satellites can get very complicated.

That's why we work with multiple Broadcast Tools switchers. Switchers usually have two numbers in their name that coincides with their functionality.  For instance a 4.4 indicates the switcher can take 4 stereo inputs and send them to any of 4 outputs.  An 8.2 has 8 stereo inputs and can send those feeds to either of two outputs. Currently we support a Broadcast Tools switcher that can take 64 inputs and send it to 64 outputs.  Most likely, you'll need something less than that. In most cases a 4.4 or 16.2 will suffice.

Our Command Cut editor lets you define and save the serial commands that the DJB-II sends to the switcher.  They get saved with an audio cut number that allows you to program an audio cut in the log and have it turn on or off a channel in your switcher.  This makes it easy for non-technical people to create programming for your station.

Building a Log With Our Powerful Scheduler

Our DJB-II Automation System Has Many Ways To Create Daily SchedulesOur DJB-II Automation System Has
Many Ways To Create Daily Schedules

Our Scheduler program works very simply.  You create a one hour "clock" template telling the automation what to play.  Perhaps your schedule is Network News at :00 followed by 2 commercials and a weather forecast. Then you join the Polka Kings satellite music network for about 13 minutes...etc.  Each step is programmed into the hourly clock that you name Polka Kings 1.  If your station is "All Polka All The Time" and the Polka Kings network uses just one clock you can just duplicate that hour across the whole week and you're done.

If, at 6pm, you join the Reggae Network. You'll build a different template to match their clock and schedule it to run the hours that you run the Reggae Network.

In DJB-II, you can build as many hour long templates as you need and they can be schedule simply in a week long grid to build your full schedule.

As long as the schedule in both your template and the Traffic Logs match, the final step is simply pressing a button to merge the two into a perfect daily log.

Stretch or Compress Your Commercials to :30 and :60 for Perfect Breaks

The On-Air Screen of DJB-II While In Satellite ProgrammingDJB-II On-Air Screen
During Satellite Programming

One great thing about our DJB-II Production Software is our stretch or compress feature.   Network programs have rigidly scheduled breaks.  If they give you 2 minutes for commercials, you can count on the break being precisely 120 seconds.  Many commercial producers can be a little sloppy on length and running four :31's in that break could mean running 124 seconds of ads.  With DJB-II, your producers have no excuses.  They can stretch or compress the commercials up to 5 percent with no pitch change.  Imagine how professional perfectly timed breaks will sound.

Rock Solid Consistency from DJB-II Radio Software

Its been 30 years since the original Digital Jukebox program launched and nearly 700 stations have been running DJB-II radio automation. It's a rock solid performer that you can trust.  Call us to get a free trial and to talk about exactly what your station needs. 

Discover What DJB-II Can Do In Your Station

Call us at 702-487-3336 or click the button at right to request a FREE 30 day trial of our incredibly priced radio station software: DJB-II.



DBJ-II Radio Station Software in Action Running A Satellite Music Format

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DJB-II Bundle OptionsLPFM
DJB-II Radio Automation Software - including both On-Air and Production Suites
Web Dial-Up Basic Installation Assistance (hours)
Full Access to Training Videos and "How-To" Online Manual
1 Year of 365 Phone and Email Support
S.W.I.F.T. Web/Phone Training for DJ's, Traffic & Programming Personnel
Sports / Remote Log
Internet Voice Tracking Client
Centerstage RDS for FM Radio
Broadcast Tools Switcher for satellite stations

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