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Affordable radio station software can run on one computer or several.DJB-II Radio Station Software Can Run On One Computer
On-Air on Left Monitor - Production on Right

The original Digital Jukebox "Legacy" On-Air software was known for it’s value price, performance and reliability. DJB-II carries on that tradition with a rock-solid package filled with features only found in products 2 or 3 times the price. DJB-II is our most used radio station software automating nearly 700 commercial, college, LPFM and even Internet radio stations. It is used for Live Assist, Fully Automated, Voice Tracked and Satellite programmed stations.

Multitask On One Computer.... Or In Two Studios

DJB-II can save you money by running On-Air, Production, a Wave-Form Editor and Program Scheduling all on one computer (you'll want two monitors and two soundcards - more on that later). This means you only need one studio for your whole operation!

As your station grows, and you can split the programs into the on-air computer and a second production studio computer to run Production, Wave-Form Editing and Scheduling.  You can add more Production modules - up to 5 total as you grow.

DJB-2 starter radio automation software bundle

Starter Bundle consists of the On-Air, Production, Scheduler, and Voice Tracking suite of software installed on 1 computer. Training Videos & Manuals available on request.
Ideal for Internet Radio!



djb2 lpfm radio automation software bundle 480w

Designed with the needs of LPFM, Community FM, and Educational Stations in mind, the LPFM Bundle will get your installation done quickly.                                         


djb2 satellite radio automation software bundle 480w

Setting up switchers can get complicated.  Our Satellite Bundle includes plenty of help to get all of your satellite programming set up right.                                                                                               


Many of our Starter Bundle buyers ask for training and support. We've put together a discounted package to help get you started!

We've worked out a deal on a console and other equipment you'll need for your LPFM/Community Radio Station.

We've put together a complete, ready-to-go, turnkey DJB-II satellite radio automation system. It's everything you need except the Satellite!

Compare DJB-II Bundles

DJB-II Bundle OptionsStarter
DJB-II Radio Automation Software - including both On-Air and Production Suites
Web Dial-Up Basic Installation Assistance (hours)
Full Access to Training Videos and "How-To" Online Manual
1 Year of 365 Phone and Email Support
S.W.I.F.T. Web/Phone Training for DJ's, Traffic & Programming Personnel
Sports / Remote Log
Internet Voice Tracking Client
Centerstage RDS for FM Radio
Broadcast Tools Switcher for satellite stations

LEGEND:     = Included       = Not Included       = Optional at extra cost    
= Number of hours of Basic Web help included

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