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Affordable radio station software can run on one computer or several.DJB-II Radio Station Software Can Run On One Computer
On-Air on Left Monitor - Production on Right

Designed with the features broadcasters need to develop fine programming, the DJB-II-STARTER Bundle for LPFM, Community FM, Internet Radio and School or College Stations will get up and broadcasting quickly.



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DJB-II Radio Software On-Air ScreenDJB-II OnAir Screen with
HotKeys SubPanel Open

Great Interface - Our Radio Software Is Easy To Learn

DJB-II-STARTER is easy to use with an intuitive interface that is easy for broadcasting pros and newbie volunteers both to understand at a glance. Using DJB-II-STARTER becomes second nature in no time, that's why it's so popular with broadcasters.
Run LIVE programming, go completely automated with Voice Tracking, or any other combination in your daily log schedules.   DJB-II-STARTER offers local LIVE READ or automated Time and Temp (using your announcer's voices). It's easy to team Time & Temp with our powerful Voice Tracking system!

A Full Set Of Tools For LPFM Automation


DJB Radio Automation Software runs on most modern PCs:

  • Windows 10  - 64 bit version recommended
  • i3, i5, i7 or faster Processors recommended
  • Minimum 8GB Ram
  • 500GB (minimum) hard drive - SSDs highly recommended
  • Windows compatible sound cards are acceptable
  • Professional audio cards and interfaces also supported
  • Axia and Wheatnet AoIP also supported
  • Minimum 1920 x 1080 Screen Resolution
  • Touch Screens suggested, mouse and keyboard also supported

Play, Edit, Record most common audio files: WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, M4A, Mp2, FLAC, AAC.

Our Radio Software is complete: On Air, Production, Audio File Editing, Voice Tracking, and Scheduling are all included.

LPFM stations love our Scheduling system. It's very easy to schedule music programs one hour, satellite or prerecorded programming the next, and live freeform programs after that.  You can build and save program clocks and schedule them whenever you wish.

Of course, we can also interface with most other external Music and/or Traffic Systems.

DJB-II On-Air radio automation screen with audition panel showing DJB-II Radio Software OnAir
Screen Showing Audition Panel

Our Skimpy Technical Requirements Will Save You Money

You don't need to buy multiple computers to run your station. Or invest in a supercomputer.  Our full set of programs can run on just one computer with only modest specs and off-the-shelf sound cards.  We suggest a second monitor so you can watch the On Air continue playing while you're editing audio with our Razor Blade editor or importing batches of audio files with Production or building tomorrow's log in Scheduler. 

Built for Streaming

We've got built in support for streaming.  Connect easily with SECURENET, ShoutCast, Live 365 or any server with TCP/IP.  You'll also get a "Now Playing" output for your website including graphics that you have complete control over.

Help To Get Up And Running Fast

In addition to the DJB-II radio station software, the LPFM Bundle includes 2 hours of basic web  setup assistance and training from one of our System Integrators. During that time, we take control of your computer via the internet and help you with setting up programming and training your staff on the functions they'll need to understand.

DJB II is a VERY stable program, but if you ever run into problems or need to do something new, we offer continuous support via phone or e-mail.

Discover What DJB-II Can Do In Your Station

Call us at 702-487-3336 or click the button at right to request a FREE 90 day trial of our incredibly priced radio station software: DJB-II.

FREE 90 Day Trial


Compare Starter Bundles

Starter Bundle OptionsStarter
Starter Plus
DJB-II Radio Automation Software - including both On-Air and Production Suites
Web Dial-Up Basic Installation Assistance (hours)
Videos and Online Manual
Email Support via DJB Support Ticket web portal.
S.W.I.F.T. Web/Phone Training for DJ's, Traffic & Programming Personnel
Sports / Remote Log
Internet Voice Tracking Client
Centerstage RDS for FM Radio
Broadcast Tools Switcher for satellite stations

LEGEND:     = Included       = Not Included       = Optional at extra cost    
= Number of hours of Basic Web help included

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