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Affordable radio station software can run on one computer or several.DJB Zone – resizable and moveable OnAir Zones – The way you like it

The original Digital Jukebox "Legacy" On-Air software was known for its value price, performance and reliability. DJB Zone amplifies that same tradition with an “Award Winning” rock-solid package filled with many features not found in competing major market products 2 or 3 times the price. DJB Zone is an ideal major market system for clusters, combos, networks and HD channels, yet its scalability makes it very affordable for mid & small market stations. DJB Zone OnAir features excel for Live Assist, Multi-Instance on one screen, Touch Screen Operation, Local & Remote Internet Voice Tracking, Satellite and Repeater programmed radio stations.

Multitask on One Computer.... Or add a Windows Server & Expand Your Operations

DJB Zone can save you money by running OnAir, Production, a Wav Editor, Voice Tracking, Air Log Editor, Audio Library, amd Music Brainz™, all on one computer (two monitors and two soundcards are mandatory). This means your Talent can be very efficient during their shows and well informed having all those DJB Zone workflow tools and data at their fingertips. DJB Zone can also multitask and act as an audio server for your Production and Voice Tracking studios. As your station grows, and you can move your database to a dedicated Win10 PRO, Win 2012 or 2016 server. Just add additional DJB Zone licenses for OnAir, second Production studio, or Voice Tracking Suite. Ask us about DJB Zone wide area capabilities. Call Sales at 702-487-3336

Consider the “Award Winner” DJB Zone with NAB Special Bundles!

DJB Zone Radio Software On-Air ScreenPROracks

Our DJB Zone Bundles can save you money when you buy the DJB Zone Software integrated with HP Desktops or PROracks 1, 2, or 3U Rackmounts. Call DJB Sales 702-487-3336 for pricing on HP - PROracks integrated with DJB Zone Software. Capital Leasing & Payment Plans available, costs provided on request.





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