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DJB Radio 16 Channel Logger Unveiled at NAB 2017DJB Radio 16 Channel Logger Unveiled at NAB 2017

INTRODUCING: The DJB Webstream 16 Channel Logger - perfect for today's clusters

Radio Logging Software reinvented!  DJB's Webstream Logger is a revolutionary update on the old tape and even early digital loggers.  No longer do you need expensive multi-channel audio interfaces to record your station and for sales department to monitor the competition.

You can monitor up to 16 stereo signals using just their webstreams and no audio cards! Or you can mix any combination of audio card and webstream inputs.

DJB's Webstream Monitor can also double as a silence alarm and a stream monitor, alerting you of dead air or stream outages.  Or use it as a Mic Skimmer.  Our radio logging  software can multitask so you can allocate channels as needed.

Radioworld named DJB's Radio Logging Software as Best of Show at the NAB Convention

Our award winning radio logging software lets you record any channel in any sound format at any bitrate quality, stereo or mono. And your recordings can be available across your internal network with our password protected web interface. It's so good, RadioWorld's panel of engineers awarded the DJB Webstream Radio Logging Software the Best of Show at NAB.

Settings Page for Webstream Radio Logging Software Every Channel Has OneSettings Page for Webstream Radio Logging
Software - Every Channel Has One

Easy Radio Logging Setup

Pick a channel and click Settings, you'll be presented with this setup page.

Give your channel a short name that will display on the front screen.

On the right side of the setup, you can pick what hours to record.

After that, you just decide if your audio source is a sound card or webstream, what audio format and bit-rate you need (affects file size), where to save the files, and how long to keep them. You can choose to record in 15, 30, or 60-minute segments.

You also have the choice between using the channel as a Mic Skimmer or a Silence Monitor. If you're monitoring a webstream you also can choose to monitor the webstream itself.

Competition Monitoring

Competition Monitoring Made Easy

1. Record a competitor's URL.

2. Install Webstrem Logger on sales personnel desktops.

3. Use the Webstream Logger Desktop Browser.

4. Audition the recorded competitor's commercial breaks.

5. Start Calling!

Mic Skimmer Setup for DJB Webstream Radio Logging SoftwareMic Skimmer Setup for DJB
Webstream Radio Logging Software


DJB Webstream Radio Logging Software runs on nearly any modern PC:

  • Windows 7 or 10 PRO
  • i3, i5 or i7 CPU, SSD Drives highly recommended
  • 8 or 16GB Ram for 64bit
  • Desktop or Laptop
  • 500GB to 2TB hard drive
  • Windows compatible sound cards are acceptable
  • Professional audio cards and interfaces also supported
  • Axia and Wheatnet I/O also supported
  • 1GB ETHERNET network adapter recommended and CAT5e or CAT6 net cables highly recommended
  • Webstream recording requires high-speed internet access & assignment of the Host Stream Source link URL Note: A web stream player is not audio assignable as a stream source.

Each channel records to your choice of MP2, MP3, M4A (iTunes®), OGG, FLAC, AAC, or WAV audio formats.

Mic Skimmer

Mic skimming  requires an external serial port signal to switch the stream on and off.

For easy and dependable serial switching we suggest Broadcast Tools closure devices. Call us for the latest recommendations and pricing.

Using the Radio Logging Software As A Silence Monitor or Webstream MonitorUsing the Radio Logging Software As A
Silence Monitor or Webstream Monitor

Silence and Webstream Monitoring Panels

Both panels have similar but separate options and setup and you can both simultaneously.

If your stream goes down or the system drops audio you can have our logger send an email, trigger a COM port, or even start a program.

You can have those actions repeated every XX minutes that the signal is down.

Another trigger can send a different Email, COM port message or start a program when the signal recovers. 

We recommend Broadcast Tools closure devices for simple and reliable control of lights or other external warnings.



DJB Webstream Radio Logging Software Makes Your Recordings Easy To Access DJB Webstream Radio Logging Software
Makes Your Recordings Easy To Access

Web Server Access To Recordings

Your Logger recordings are easy to access anywhere on your network using our web server interface.

It's password protected and you can define which users can access which channels.



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