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How To Get Unlock Codes for Our Software

NOTE: The USER CODES appear on the software Splash Screen (see below) when you boot any unregistered DJB Radio Software. These User Codes are unique to each computer. After being activated, the software will not show this screen again.

In an emergency, such as a failed computer, your DJB Software may be installed on another machine where it will continue to run for up to 30 days without activation.

If your splash screen is not similar to the image below, click the button above for Legacy Software.

djbradio software activationThis image shows an typical Activation Splash Screen
Numbers shown are examples - use your installation numbers
Now you can register up to 4 software installations at once.


  1. Install Software
  2. Open Software
  3. On the Splash (boot) Screen you will see a form similar to above
  4. To activate your software you will need the following for each installation:
    1. Computer Name (WXXX ON-Air, Prod 1, etc)
    2. Software Name
    3. Version Number
    4. BOTH of the USER CODES
  5. Fill in the information on the form on this page
  6. Submit the form
  7. DJB Customer Service will email the Activation Codes to you - typically within 24 hours.
  8. Restart the software - the Splash Screen will appear
  9. Add the Activation Codes to the Splash Screen
  10. Click Continue

Your software is now activated and you will not see the splash screen activation message again.

Current Software Activation Form

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