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DJB Radio Automation Software System with HP Desktop ComputersDJB Radio Automation
Software System with
HP Desktop Computers

This is our DJB Radio Desktop System featuring a pair of HP PRODesk 600 G computers with SSD drives for fast boot. One for OnAir studio and the other in the Production studio. They come with our DJB Radio Automation Software Bundle already installed and ready to play

 Feature List

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DJB Radio Features

You'll still get lots of training to help everyone on staff make a smooth transition to the new automation. We'll work with programming, engineering, traffic and the on-air staff so they'll get a good understanding of the changes. We also include a full year of support to help you through any hiccups that you may encounter.

Here's what you get:

DJB Radio Automation Software - On Air ScreenDJB Radio Automation Software
On Air Screen

2 - HP PRODesk 600G Computers - fits a 3u Rack Tray (not included)

  • Win 10 Pro
  • Intel i7 Processor
  • 8GB Ram
  • 250GB SSD Drive (system)
  • 1 TB SATA Drive (audio)

2 - 24 inch Flat Screen Monitors

1 - DJB Radio Full Feature Automation for Radio or Internet Broadcasters

  • On Air
  • Production
  • Voice Tracking
  • & More

4 - Hours of Web-Phone training

1 - Year of Support

All this for $6,995.00

Call DJB Radio to get started: 702-487-3336.

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