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DJB Radio Automation SoftwareDJB Radio Automation Software

In order to meet the expanding needs of our broadcast clients, we developed DJB Radio using many of the features of our flagship DJB-II software. DJB RADIO is the perfect solution for radio clusters, small, mid & major-market radio facilities, Internet & LPFM Broadcasters with remotes & sports features or remote voice tracking for operations on local or wide area. For more details, call our product specialists at 702-487-3336 Ext 1, or please continue reading this page to understand all the new features available in our radio automation software.


For more details, call our product specialists at 702-487-3336 Ext 1, or please continue reading this page to understand all the new features available in our radio automation software.

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DJB RADIO is ideal for standalone, combos, or clusters that want to operate without a file server. While DJB Zone is perfect for stand alone & multi-station cluster operations using a file server.


DJB Radio Automation Software Comes With Plenty Of Traing and Support DJB RADIO: On Air Studio Radio Automation Software


DJB Radio Automation Software runs on most modern PCs:

  • Windows 7 or 10 Pro Versions Only - 64 bit version recommended
  • i3, i5, i7 or faster Processors recommended
  • Minimum 8GB Ram
  • 250GB (minimum) hard drive - SSDs highly recommended
  • Windows compatible sound cards are acceptable
  • Professional audio cards and interfaces also supported
  • Axia and Wheatnet AoIP also supported
  • Minimum 1260 x 1024 Screen Resolution
  • Touch Screens suggested, mouse and keyboard also supported
  • Bit Defender AV and SyncBack backup recommended

Play, Edit, Record most common audio files: WAV, Mp3, OGG, WMA, M4A, Mp2, FLAC, AAC.

DJB RADIO: On Air Studio Radio Automation Software

Click on the image on left to expand the On Air screen that Talent get to work with.

Notice the large easy to read display across the top, on air display, and next to play, even auditioning, all easily accessible from our advanced On Air screen.

Don't stop reading yet, there are so many more features to tell you about, please read on!


DJB Radio Automation Software Production Suite ScreenDJB Radio Automation Software
Production Suite Screen

Radio Production Software

The biggest thing users said about Production was an easier way to get to the file they wanted.  In the top left of the screen capture, you’ll see a Windows Explorer type box, that lets you limit your search to just a category, speeding up finding a cut, and working with a group of cuts.

Our new stereo visualization helps see you see the audio better when you’re setting intros, seques and hooks.  You’ll also appreciate the new button layout because it keeps your mouse movements nice and tight instead of all over the screen.

There are lots of other improvements, too

DJB WavEditor is our Audio Editing SoftwareDJB WavEditor is our
Audio Editing Software

Our WavEditor Makes Audio File Editing a Breeze

WavEditor is available from both the On Air and Production screens. We suggest you use a second monitor in the On Air studio so your announcers can monitor the On Air signal at all time.

In Production, it’s indispensible for creating commercial and promos and any other kind of produced sound.  It lets you cut and edit, adjust volume and much more.

In the On Air studio, you can use it to edit phone calls in a flash, or to clean up recordings made with our Background Recorder to get them ready to air.

DJB Radio includes powerful Voice Tracking SoftwareDJB Radio includes powerful
Voice Tracking Software

Voice Tracking Your Radio Automation

Voice Tracking on DJB Radio Automation Software is as easy as it has ever been.  You’ll still find two modes – Regular Voice Tracking where you listen to the segue while recording the break and Speed Voice Tracking where you get a time counter and record without listening. 

Either way, our Voice Tracking software will adjust the ducking of the audio and the timing of the start of the next event to make your Voice Tracks sound great.

Our Log Editor and Scheduling ProgramsOur Log Editor and
Scheduling Programs

Our Log Editor Works in Real Time

Most of our clients use multiple workstations with our top radio automation software, moving the Production portion of the software to another studio computer.  Many also use the log scheduling software outside the On Air studio so they can prepare logs and add commercials without interrupting the on-air talent.  Wherever you use our Log Editor software, you’ll appreciate that the logs reflect any changes instantly.

 DJB Radio Works With

DJB Radio Automation Software Scheduler works with many other 3rd party programs to build your daily log:

 Traffic Systems

  • Natural Log
  • RadioTraffic
  • Marketron
  • Smarts
  • Wide Orbit
  • and more...

 Music Schedulers

  • Selector
  • Natural Music
  • Music Master
  • Powergold
  • and more...

Your software not listed? Call us at 702-487-3336 x 1 to find out if we can work with it.

We’ve Got Scheduling Handled

DJB Radio has built in scheduling that works for both music and satellite programming. 


Our built-in music scheduler will rotate music in categories and has configurable rules for tempo, artist protection and much more. Just create as many hourly clocks as you need. Fill them with music categories and commercial breaks, assign it to the grid and your music is done.

Or use an outside music scheduling program. DJB Radio works with all of them.


Satellite stations use the same hourly clock system, but choose satellite feeds instead of music categories.  Schedule which hourly clock to use for each hour of the day and your programming is done.


DJB Radio can merge with logs created by all the major traffic systems.

DJB Radio CS Users Can Switch Stations FastDJB Radio CS Users Can
Switch Stations Fast

Multi Station Functions – We Got That With DJB Radio CS (Central Server)

DJB Radio Automation Software is designed with a full set of featured for multi-station combos, clusters and wide area station operation.  We’ve built DJB Radio from the ground up to support a Central Server (CS) setup.  Each station can have its own independent set of music categories, logs are managed station by station, but each station can share the commercial library and other programming. DJB Radio is completely flexible to allow you to structure the setup in the way that works best for your operation

DJB Radio Make It Easy To Include Now Playing Data On Your Website and To Stream Your SignalDJB Radio Make It Easy
To Set Up "Now Playing" Data

More Features You’ll Love

Now Playing/Streaming

Your website is important.  The live artist, song title, and album is expected by your listeners. We give you several options for putting your “now playing” meta data information on your website and output to your RDS encoder. 

We also make it incredibly easy to manage your audio stream, with SECURENET, Shoutcast, Live 365 and TCP-IP output settings built in to the automation. 

DJB Radio Has Automated Time and Temp With Your AnnouncersDJB Radio Has Automated Time
and Temp With Your Announcers

Local Time and Temperature Announcements

While your station is Live, your announcers will always have current time and up-to-minute weather right on the screen. DJB Radio goes online to update the current conditions and to capture the latest forecast. It’s placed in a special window where the announcer can edit it as desired.

That same information powers our custom Automated Time and Temperature announcements, making sure you always put the right information out to listeners.  Just place simple command in the log and the correct announcement is played – using your talent’s voice.  You can even schedule which announcer’s voice is used.

We have a Fast Recorder function that will help your announcers record the announcements and a grid scheduler so you can control which announcer’s recordings will air.

Background Recorder

Radio stations have had a need to record programming for playback at a different time since the beginning of radio. Our built-in Background Recorder uses a time scheduled start-stop or triggered start-stop to record those programs automatically and drop them into the audio database for later playback.  Triggered recording requires a Broadcast Tools Switcher.

DJB Radio's Built In-Processor Will Give Your Station More PunchGet More Punch With DJB
Radio's Built In Processor

Built-In Audio Processor – Peak Limiter

Add “Punch” to your station’s music, ads, voice track and more with our built in Audio Processor.  You can adjust Compression, Peak Level, Attack Time and more to make your station louder and level out any high and low portions of programming. It also ads clarity to your webstream.

DJB Radio Plays URL StreamsDJB Radio Plays URL Streams

Works With AoIP or Traditional Audio Cards

DJB Radio works with radio's leading Audio over IP solutions: Axia Livewire and Wheatstone Wheatnet IP (with optional interface).  If you haven't made the jump to AoIP yet, you can do it in stages.  DJB Radio works with any traditional audio card that works with Windows Direct Sound.  Start with DJB Radio Automation Software, then upgrade your hardware in stages.  Switch over to AoIP when your infrastructure is ready.  If you want more details on how to make the changes, call DJB Radio and we'll give you options.

Must Have Add-ons

DJB II – Incredibly Priced Radio Station Software

Internet Voice Tracking

Internet Remote Voice Tracking lets your announcers work from anywhere on work multiple stations in multiple markets.

Remote Voice Track

No board ops needed when you have DJBs sports and remote log interface

Sports Log

We won a Radioworld Cool Stuff Award for this software that lets you run sports and remotes without a board op.

Sports Log

Cut time in production with DJB Courier


DJB Courier automates putting audio into your system. Saves hours each week. Works great with Radio Spider!


DJB Radio Spider won a Cool Stuff Award at the NAB

Radio Spider

Gets audio from the internet, Amb-OS, Content Depot, & Email. Combine with DJB Courier to automate all content.

Radio Spider

Our Radio Logging software is amazing

Webstream Logger

Capture up to 8 sources continuously via audio cards or webstream. Records audio logs, the competition.

Webstream Logger

Financing and Lease To Own Options

We know changing your automation system is a big step, even at our great prices.  So we've got lots of options, including financing for up to a year and a lease to own program that lets you take up to 3 years to pay.


Absolutely The Best Support In the Industry

Creating great radio broadcasting software is only half the job.  We know you’ll want help in putting the software to work and integrating it into your station.  And if that software quits working, you want to know there is someone there to get you back on the air.

DJB Radio has a whole staff of people ready to help you get your new system up and running, learn the ways it works, and pick up the pieces if things don’t work right. And this isn’t some overseas phone center with people reading off a computer monitor. Our support team is down in the trenches and even the newest member has over 20 years of experience.

Our Support Staff

Quality, Affordable, Professional Radio Broadcasting Software – DJB Radio


Choose The DJB Radio Bundle That's Right For You!
Our Top Radio Broadcasting Software is DJB Radio

Our Top Radio Automation Software is DJB Radio. It's a completely updated version of our long running radio automation program and you really need to consider it if you're looking to upgrade your radio station's core software.

We've got lots of features that will save you time and our reasonable pricing will save you money.

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DJB ZONE officially released at NAB 2019 Las Vegas is a new software offering from DJB RADIO that evolved from 31 years of radio automation innovation.DJB ZONE ONAIR takes radio programming and daily operations to a new level with its many innovative, efficient & user-friendly features. As advertised, it’s RADIO. AUTOMATION. REIMAGINED.

DJB Radio Automation Software System with HP Desktop ComputersDJB Radio Automation
Software System with
HP Desktop Computers

This is our DJB Radio Desktop System featuring a pair of HP PRODesk 600 G computers with SSD drives for fast boot. One for OnAir studio and the other in the Production studio. They come with our DJB Radio Automation Software Bundle already installed and ready to play

DJB Radio Automation Software System With iProRacks SSD ComputersDJB Radio Automation
Software System With
iProRacks SSD Computers

Get a Turnkey Radio Automation System featuring our DJB Radio Software + 2 iProRacks SSD Computers.  IProRacks computers are whisper quiet because they have no fans - except everyone who owns one!  Put one in the On Air studio and one in the Production studio with no worries about noise.

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