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djb Radio Spider

DJB's Radio Spider will save you hours of time-consuming work every week by automatically downloading files and sending them to your automation system.  Our Radio Spider software works with almost any brand of radio automation system that supports file import.  We probably should have named it Radio Workhorse because it does so much!

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Radio Spider Wins A Cool Stuff Award

The DJB Radio Spider was singled out by a panel of expert radio broadcast engineers as notable for its design, features, cost-efficiency and performance and was given a prestigious Cool Stuff Award at the NAB's Annual Convention.

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Runs on any modern PC

  • Internet Connection
  • Windows 7 or 10 Pro. 32 or 64 bit
  • Converts to/from AAC, WMA, OGG, MP2, MP3, WAV
  • Reads and writes cart chunk information
  • Runs in the background

DJB Radio Spider Automated Web DownloaderDJB Radio Spider Automated Web Downloader

Most radio stations get long-form, short-form, weekly or daily programs on the internet and have commercials emailed over from clients, agencies or cross-town stations. Someone has to go online, find the site, download the files, then convert those files into the proper format, and finally upload them to the automation system. 

It's time-consuming busywork, and eats up a lot of manpower each week. And, frankly, a waste time.

DJB Radio Spider will save you every single minute. 

DJB's Radio Spider Download is a revolutionary software product that sets you free. Without any help, it can go to Web Sites or FTP sites and download programming. It can convert those programs from whatever audio format they come in to the right format for your radio automation system, it will change the name of the file to one your automation system will understand, and upload it to it's correct location making the whole process hands free automatic. 

It will even email you telling you it got the job done, or ask for help if something went wrong.

Speaking of email. Most stations get programs or commercials sent to them via email.  Radio Spider will check your email every hour, download new audio that has arrived, convert it, and upload it the automation system, ready to play on air. Soon after that, your phone will ping to announce an email from Radio Spider telling you what a good job it did, while you were sitting poolside enjoying your adult beverage with a tiny umbrella (that's the dream, anyway).

How the Radio Spider Download Works

DJB Radio Spider Download Information PageDJB Radio Spider Download Information Page

Take a look at the Download Information page.  The process is pretty simple:

  • Give your download a name.  This is what shows up on the front page of the program.  You can also put a substantial note explaining everything about this download.
  • Then tell Radio Spider where to get the file. Is it a download from a website, an FTP site, email, or a file transfer from somewhere on your local network.  Both normal and secure protocols are allowed. Enter the Address and a User Name/Password if needed.
  • Set a time to check for the file. You can set it to check hourly, daily or weekly at a specific time.
  • Finally, tell the Radio Spider what to do with the file. It can rename it, convert it, and place it in any file folder - like your radio automation import/ingest folder. Radio Spider can even unpack files that have been compressed into ZIP files.

Works With Most Radio Automation Systems

The Radio Spider Download will work with just about every radio automation system that has an import/ingest feature. Which means it works great with the DJB II and DJB Radio Systems we designed! If your system doesn't do that, maybe you should be exploring our radio automation systems, too.

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