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DJB Radio CS is our Central Server Network Radio Broadcasting Software

The DJB Radio CS Bundle is everything that DJB Radio is multiplied by the power of a Central Server.

We've designed this version of our top radio automation software to work across multiple stations on a network with a shared audio database.

DJB Radio CS Exploits The Power of a Central Server in Multi-Station Environments

DJB Radio CS was designed for multi-station environmentsDJB Radio CS Was Designed
For Multi-Station Use

We engineered DJB Radio CS from the ground up to power up your multi-station operation.  With a Central Server, all operations become much easier.  Instead of staff moving from room to room and computer to computer to work on each station, the work comes to them. 

Everyone gets a lot more done, faster and with less work.

On Air

Each On Air studio can have it's own separate music library, not visible to the other stations, but still stored on the Central Server. Keeping it on the Central Server means the audio library can be worked on from any computer with DJB Radio CS Production Software.  Load the software on the PD's desktop and she can run the station from right there, adding new music, liners, and complete programs.  She can also work on the music on one station and jump over and adjust the satellite clocks on another from her desktop

 Feature List

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DJB Radio Features


Commercial production can be done at any workstation with DJB Radio CS Production Software.  In most cases, stations run a shared commercial library, so a commercial can be added to the system once, and all the stations get it at the same time. The only time you have to wait to get into an overcrowded production room is when you need to use a microphone. And even the time spent on that is cut down since it's only imported to the system once.


Of course it doesn't happen at your station, but that last-second Friday afternoon ad buy from the local car dealer that runs once an hour every hour over the weekend on all your stations (and starts a half hour ago) is relatively easy.  Production adds the commercial once and your Traffic person can reach each station from her desk.  Since the DJB Radio CS Log Editor works in Real Time, that first spot can be on the air in minutes and nobody has to stay late.

Extraordinary Radio Automation Support & Training

Every DJB Radio CS purchase includes lots of training. We take over your system online to help you get set up and to train everyone on your staff how to make everything work.

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