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Our Top Radio Broadcasting Software is DJB Radio

Our Top Radio Automation Software is DJB Radio. It's a completely updated version of our long running radio automation program and you really need to consider it if you're looking to upgrade your radio station's core software.

We've got lots of features that will save you time and our reasonable pricing will save you money.

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DJB Radio Features

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Unlike many of our other products, we don't offer a FREE Trial for DJB Radio or DJB Zone, our top radio automation software. 

Instead, we want a chance to demo it for you.  We do that live and in person at dozens of locations each year, with Booths at everything from the NAB Show to local and regional broadcaster's meetings. 

We also do personal online demonstrations where you can gather your whole crew together around a computer and see what our system can do. You can put us in the hotseat and ask about anything - from how a particular feature works, to what equipment you'll need, to how good our tech support is.

DJB Radio Automation Software Comes With Plenty Of Traing and Support DJB Radio "Premium" Automation Software
Tech Web Assistance Available Plus Phone Support

We Don't Just Send A Box Full Of Software and Gear

Even though we know our product inside and out, we understand that it may be all new to you.  So instead of shipping it to and letting you figure it out on your own, Every DJB Radio purchase is bundled with several hours of online training where we connect to your computer and take control to show you every little thing you need to know. 

  • We speak engineering with your tech staff to make sure they understand the installation of our software and how it interacts with your equipment.
  • We'll work with your traffic and programming people to create clocks and build logs in the scheduler, then merge them with your traffic and music schedules.
  • Your production and programming teams will be busy importing your audio library and getting it fine-tuned so your station sounds exactly like you want it to.  We'll be right there guiding them with inside tips on the best ways to get it done with the minimal amount of effort.
  • And, of course, we'll help your announcers get comfortable with using the new system on the air, giving them shortcuts and alerting them to all the little things that will make their life easier.

Afterwards we're available for help and assistance making sure your operation continues to go smoothly, and any issues that arise are straightened out immediately.

All It Takes Is A Phone Call

Give us a chance to wow you.  Call for a free online demonstration of our top radio automation software (or any of our products).  The number is 702-487-3336.





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