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DJB Courier Audio File Importer

DJB Courier automates getting audio content into your DJB Radio database, saving enormous time and effort.


Most radio stations are faced with the task of getting audio - lots of audio - into their automation system. Commercials, new music, voice-tracking, downloaded programs, satellite delivered programs and much more. This usually leads to a bottleneck as both Production and Traffic are trying to get changes for the next day into the system in the late afternoon.

DJB Courier was also designed to work with the major content delivery systems like NPR Content Depot and Amb-OS.

Both Webstream Logger and DJB Radio Spider can team with Courier to handle almost all of your content needs and save you hours of work each week. You might even find that this one product can save you an additional production room!

DJB Courier Automates The Process Of Imported Audio Into Your AutomationDJB Courier Automates The Process Of Imported Audio Into Your Automation

How DJB Courier Works

DJB Courier monitors an assigned Import Folder for sensing incoming audio delivered by Radio Spider from external FTP sites.

DJB Courier reads the file header or file name for instructions (cart number, artist, title, album, file type, expiry dates) and then automatically ingests the file into the DJB Radio database.

If the file was created with DJB Production or DJB Logger, DJB Courier reads our proprietary metadata MP3 format to get all details about the audio file from the header. This makes centralized audio & music production and distribution to station affiliates a snap.

DJB Courier can also read ingest instructions from the file header in audio formats such as Cart Chunk (for MP2 & Wav audio) or MP3 or M4A file headers.  If no metadata exists, DJB Courier can also read the Windows file name.

If a file with the same cut number already exists in the audio database, DJB Courier can overwrite it. This makes it ideal for updates for newscasts or weekly long file programming delivered with cart number instructions. 

We recommend you install DJB courier on a dedicated workstation since it is mission critical for the ingest of incoming audio into the DJB database.

DJB Courier also comes with an email ALERT system that notifies database managers of failed imports.


When you install Courier it guides you to set up a folder for Courier to watch. Any audio file dropped into the folder is automatically imported. If you use several computers for production, just make a shortcut to the folder.

Get Your Content Delivered By DJB Courier

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