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dmx djb desktop radio software 480 313Get a Complete iP Desktop Radio Pack Including Digital Console, Automation System, Computer, Monitor, Microphone & Speakers at An Incredible Price!

desktop radio system priceThis is the most amazing package we have ever put together!  We got a call from SCMS Broadcast Equipment Solutions. They had this incredible 8 Channel DMX-8 from PR&E. They wanted to pair it with our flagship DJB Radio Automation System for a small market client they were working on. Long story short: after a couple dozen emails we came up with a very special package and the client was thrilled. A Complete radio station on top of a desk.

Afterward, someone said, "That's such a great deal, maybe we can offer it up to other stations."  The Desktop Radio Package was born - a complete radio station for $10,995!


Here's what you get:

DMX 8 ConsoleDMX-8 Eight Channel AoIP Audio Console Professional Microphone and Stand and Pro SpeakersProfessional Microphone and Stand and Pro Speakers
  • PR&E DMX-8 AoIP eight channel console w/ DMX engine

    • BRAND NEW! DMX AoIP console line carries forward the rugged quality and practical functionality of the PR&E brand, but includes IP audio routing as an easy studio add-on.
    • 8 Fader DMX Console
    • DMX Mix Engine With 8 mono (4 stereo) analog line inputs, 2 mic preamps (patchable to 2 analog line inputs), 4 AES inputs, 4 analog outputs, Cue and headphone
      outputs, 12 programmable logic ports, and 5-port gigabit switch.
    • And much more!
  • DJB Radio - Our Best Radio Automation Software

    • ON-Air Software with all the bells and whistles including Voice Tracking
    • Production Suite
    • Scheduling Software
    • Internet Remote Voice Tracking
    • S.W.I.F.T web training
    • 1 Year Telephone/Email Support
    • HP-400G5 i5 Desktop 1TB W10PRO
    • 1 Monitor - ASUS, ACER, BENQ or HP models
  • 2 Pro Grade Powered Speakers

  • 1 Pro Grade Microphone

  • 1 Pro Grade Mic Arm

Need More? No Problem!

Optional ConsoleYou Can Choose To Upgrade To A DMX-16 AoIP Console
  • Bigger Console: Upgrade to a DMX-16 Console - only $3,300

  • Studio Furniture - Get a sit down Studio Table, including a 13RU undercounter equipment rack (PR&E QL2PKG1-SIT-FM) for $1,995

  • 2nd Computer For Production - HP Desktop $995

  • L-I/O IPO Closure Triggers DMX - $695

  • DJB Sports/Remote Log - $295

  • DJB Courier Automated Audio Import - $495

  • More Mics, Speakers, Monitors, etc - make a list we'll come up with an unbeatable price

Get A Complete Desktop Radio System For $10,995
Call DJB Radio at 702-487-3336 or SCMS Sales 800-439-6040


Compare DJB-II Bundles

DJB-II Bundle OptionsLPFM
DJB-II Radio Automation Software - including both On-Air and Production Suites
Web Dial-Up Basic Installation Assistance (hours)
Full Access to Training Videos and "How-To" Online Manual
1 Year of 365 Phone and Email Support
S.W.I.F.T. Web/Phone Training for DJ's, Traffic & Programming Personnel
Sports / Remote Log
Internet Voice Tracking Client
Centerstage RDS for FM Radio
Broadcast Tools Switcher for satellite stations

LEGEND:     = Included       = Not Included       = Optional at extra cost    
= Number of hours of Basic Web help included

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