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CJRI Fredericton, NB Canada

Russ Ingram sent us this email...

Before CJRI went on the air in 2005 we researched the available broadcast automation systems and settled on DJB because of the reasonable cost and the fact that it included everything we required.

We’ve been around the broadcast business for a combined total of over a hundred years. If we had put our station on the air in the mid-to-late 1900s, we estimated it would have required at least six people on staff. With DJB, we’re doing it with one person and an occasional freelancer .

And it’s not an “automation for the sake of automation” sound. With DJB used to its capabilities it’s impossible to tell where live programming ends and automation begins.

We’ve been pleased to recommend DJB to several new broadcasters in this part of Canada.

Ross Ingram
CJRI Radio
151 Main Street
Fredericton, NB Canada

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