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The Best Interent Radio Broadcasting Software: DJB Button BroadcasterThe Best Internet Radio Broadcasting
Software: DJB Button Broadcaster

Here’s a secret that on-air radio pros know: its all about the listener.  Most internet radio broadcasting software was created by geeks – and it shows. 

Geeks want to tinker and adjust everything. Look at their screen shots: there are buttons and lights and extra widgets everywhere – lots of geeky features!  Their software looks like it was designed for going to Mars by NASA rocket scientists.

Radio pros know that’s all a distraction. Most radio stations have two buttons the announcers use while they are live: The one that turns on the mic, and the one that starts the next song.  After the break, the software needs to help you get the next song or commercial ready. Everything else just gets in the way.

DJB Button Box Automation - Internet Radio Broadcasting Software That Doesn't Get In Your Way

The DJB Button Box systems look simple, but there’s a lot of power inside.  Like an advanced library database that’s all drag and drop. Built in auto scheduling if you want. An auto play system that can segue between cuts automatically so you can start it and walk away. And a lot more that you can read

And did we mention it’s touch-screen ready? Use your mouse, map your keyboard for keyboard START/STOP or simply use finger!

Choose The Button Box That's Right For You!
djb button box cart player for radio 480w

Designed for "Live Assist" the DJB Button Box Cart Player / Play Stack / Cart Wall is perfect for instant access to your audio library. It's a great internet radio software starter system.

Brand DJB Radio

button broadcaster internet radio software with voice tracking 310w

NEW! WE'VE ADDED VOICE TRACKING! The DJB Button Broadcaster Pro may be the perfect Internet Radio Broadcasting Software.  NAB SHOW SPECIAL SAVE $200

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ibroadcaster radio automation for itunes - itunes icon By Chabe01 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

iBroadcaster iTunes® Pro for PC is similar to our Button Broadcaster Pro, but uses your existing iTunes® Library! iBroadcaster is available for download now! Grab your free trial!


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