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Brad Retz, WMYB Killeen, Texas

Brad told us...

On Jan 12, 2016 Killeen ISD launched its all-new My 95-1 (KMYB-LP) Low-Power FM radio station broadcasting live from the Killeen ISD Career Center. Providing real world opportunities to train for a career in broadcasting with industry professional equipment and FCC-licensed Low Power FM radio station. Students complete projects for broadcast using DJB Radio software and fully digital Wheatstone console equipment found in the commercial radio industry while adhering to the same FCC rules & regulations.

As an engineer we looked at various kinds of software and hardware out there, but in the end it came down to DJB Radio software for the ease of use, and its fully digital integration with Wheatstone hardware. If I were to build another radio station again I would do it the same. With DJB Radio providing great support for training and setup, to the flexibility of plugging in a few cat 6 cables carrying fully digital IP audio to and from our Wheatstone console and Blades. After powering up everything for the first time a year ago, with it working the first time with very little configurations, keeping the station up and running 24/7 has been a breeze.  Allowing for more time and opportunities to produce Student-hosted shows, KISD sports broadcasts and shows highlighting some of the outstanding musical and theatrical departments throughout the district will be the focal point of the radio station, MY 95-1. Killeen residents will also be able to enjoy a wide selection of music from the 60s through today as the station broadcasts 24 hours a day from the KISD Career Center.

Brad Retz, KMYB
Killeen, Texas

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