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Bob Rule, KPIN Pinedale, WY

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Just wanted to pass on to you how appreciative I am of Rob's help in getting me going again.  He stuck with me, even though I did a dumb thing or two like not seeing where he gave me a link to re-install .NET Frameworks 4.0

Finally "got 'er done", and it seems the problem was, following the AVG 2011 Toolbar attack, when I un-installed AVG 2011, it took out .NET Frameworks 4.0 with it.  That made Radio Spider quit working.

This was probably one of those instances where your company spent $600 in customer service to make a $195 software package work!

Again, just wanted to give a thumbs up to Rob for all his great help.

Bob Rule, KPIN
Pinedale, Wyoming

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