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Add-on Software for Radio Stations

The DJB Sports Remote Log Interface Allows Stations To Save On Board Ops

This software pays for itself in weeks! Run sports or remotes with no one on the board! Works with DJB II and DJB Radio Systems.

Note: Audio switcher and phone coupler devices required please call for pricing.


DJB Courier Audio File Importer

DJB Courier automates getting audio content into your DJB Radio database, saving enormous time and effort.


DJB's Internet Voice Tracking Allows You To Voice Track Your Station From Anywhere

DJB's Internet Voice Tracking client connects to the Voice Tracking Server built into DJB ZoneDJB Radio and DJB II Radio Automation Systems.


DJB Interfaces to Wheatstone's Wheatnet IP

Works With Wheatstone

DJB Radio already sends audio to many AoIP systems. Use this software to control your Wheatstone's Wheatnet IP Surface and Blade Router.


djb2 interfaces with centerstage rds software

By Arctic Palm

CS-RDS interfaces your DJB automation with your RDS encoder. Includes 1 Year Arctic Palm Phone Support ($120 Value).


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