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VP Corporate Operations

Adam Robinson brings 25 years in radio, the last 17 of them as Operations Manager and Director of Engineering & IT with the Evanov Radio Group of Toronto. Adam’s career in Radio Broadcasting is one that’s most impressive as it includes stints as an Announcer, Producer, News Director, Music Director, Program Director and Production Manager. As an early adopter of radio automation software, Adam installed and operated iMediaTouch radio automation systems at all of Evanov’s 18 Radio facilities while on the hardware side, Adam installed one of the first Wheatstone TDM and later ip console systems in Canada. Says DJB President, Ron Paley, “Adam brings an enormous wealth of experience from the front lines of radio and broadcast engineering to our radio software solutions team. His personality, energy and can-do spirit are well known in the industry and are true assets.”

Reach Adam at Ron Paley Broadcast at 204-800-3140 ext 107 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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