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DJB Radio makes high quality, and affordable professional radio broadcasting software. We have scalable radio automation system solutions for large market, mid & small market broadcasters, clusters, repeaters, LPFM & Community Radio, School Stations and Internet radio too.

Media Touch Radio Automation Install circa 1988We've Been Making Best Of Class
Radio Automation Software For A Long Time!

We're Very Good at Award Winning Radio Software

Our DJB software solutions for radio have been recognized and awarded four times in the last seven years. You might then say we’re experts and finding the right product and solutions for today’s radio and Internet broadcaster operations. We’ve been at radio software development for over 40 years and pioneered many features since 88 that are now considered standard:

- Air Studio Console is a remote button surface using a router / switcher

- Touch Screen in OnAir for Audio Play

- The OnAir Play Stack with Start - Stop

- Hot Button Panels in On Air

- Codec based mixed audio formats playing on non-proprietary sound cards

- “LIVE” Sports & Remote Broadcasts with no one needed in the control room

- Check our 2019 Award Winning DJB ZONE for the latest features for radio.

Ron Paley took ownership of DJB in 2012, but it grew out of original Digital Jukebox that was started in 1988. Ron has been in the radio software development business since the mid-80s. In fact, Ron is a bit of Legend in the radio automation software world. Take a look at our "History of Innovation" page to see some of the many things that are taken for granted now but nobody dared to try them until Ron Paley did it. Including the latest features in our award winning DJB ZONE automation.

Ron Paley and DJB Radio have been in the forefront of
innovating radio technical advances for over 3 DECADES!

Here are some of the highlights. Just click an event to learn more.



Best of Show Award at NAB 2019 - DJB Zone

2019: NAB Best of Show2019: NAB Best Of Show
DJB ZONE is a new software offering from DJB RADIO that evolved from 31 years of radio automation innovation and was officially released at NAB 2019 Las Vegas. DJB ZONE takes radio programming and daily operations to a new level with its many innovative, efficient & user-friendly features. As advertised, it’s RADIO. AUTOMATION. REIMAGINED.

2017 - 5th NAB Best of Show - iBroadcaster

2017: NAB Best of Show2017: NAB Best Of Show
Internet radio broadcasters discovered our Button Broadcaster Pro software was almost perfect - except for one thing. They wanted to use iTunes®. We listened and came up with the innovative iBroadcaster for iTunes® Pro. When RadioWorld saw it at the NAB, they fell in love and gave it Best of Show!

NAB Best of Show: Webstream Logger

2014: NAB Best of Show2014: NAB Best Of Show
RadioWorld changed the name of the award, but we won it again with our new WEBSTREAM Radio Logging Software. Instead of expensive audio interfaces, our software lets stations capture up to 8 signals off their webstreams or inexpensive generic audio cards. See our newest radio logging software here.

Radio Spider Wins DJB Radio ANOTHER Cool Stuff Award! This Makes Three!

2013: Radio Spider Wins Cool Stuff Award2013: Radio Spider Wins Cool Stuff Award
We became the first Canadian and US radio automation company to win 3 of of RadioWorld's Cool Stuff Awards! The Cool Stuff Awards were given out at the NAB Convention after a select panel of engineers examined all the new products each year. Our original Radio Spider allows stations to capture programming from web sites, FTP sites and email accounts completely hands-free ending hours of busy work each week at most radio stations. Check out the Radio Spider II here at DJB Radio.

DJB Radio Launches

2012: DJB Radio Launches2012 DJB Radio Launcehs
The Paley Family, Ron, Ted and Carol, take over Digital Jukebox from founder Jim Barcus. Jim had started Digital Jukebox in 1995 with a DOS based radio automation system. DJB Radio has completely transformed the software while keeping the tradition of affordability that was the hallmark of Digital Jukebox.

Ron Paley Named CCBE Ambassador

2011: CCBE Award for Ron Paley2011: CCBE Award for Ron Paley
The Central Canada Broadcast Engineers named Ron Paley as it's Ambassador of the Year for his 40+ years of service to the Radio industry. You can read more about his story on hi blog at Ron Paley Broadcast

CKUA: 1 Million Cut, 39 Terabit, Automation System

2009: 1 Million Audio Tracks in Automation2009: Built For 1 Million Audio Cuts
Ron Paley designed and developed a centralized Isilon 39TB Web Accessed Server to house a digital library of over 1 million tracks interfaced with the OMT On Air Automation System at CKUA Radio. Additional features were multi user archiving, multi user on demand music and metadata retrieval for play-out over the CKUA Radio Network and its Website. The system was delivered in the spring of 2009, integrated, installed with CKUA personnel training all managed by OMT technicians. Each of the million tracks included metadata, album covers, artist trivia, and 3 audio versions: uncompressed wav stereo, 4:1 256 Kbps MP3, and mono 128 for online auditioning.

AFRTS - 17 Audio Channels Served Worldwide

2007: AFRTS 17 audio channels2007: 17 Audio Channels at AFRTS
Ron Paley and OMT were awarded one of its largest installations of iMediaTouch automation for American Forces Radio in Riverside, CA. OMT provided all broadcast automation software, hardware and custom developed KLOTZ audio consoles. AFRTS broadcasted 17 unique audio channels to American Forces serving around the world.

First 8 Channel Audio over IP Automation

2006: First Audio over IP Automation2006: First Audio over IP Automation
At the NAB in Las Vegas, Ron Paley and Wheatstone Corporation demonstrate the first automation system to run 8 channel stereo record and play-out using off-the-shelf OMT software with Audio Over IP drivers, "no audio cards." In addition, Digital Logger software used the 8 AoIP record channels for 24/7 recording - all products ran non-stop for the entire show.

Ron Paley Creates First Fully Digital Canadian FM - Mics to Transmitter!

2004: First Fully Digital Station2004: The First Fully Digital Station
THE BEAT, in Kitchener, Ontario becomes the first fully digital station in Canada. The most listened to station in SW Ontario, owned by CanWest Global Radio, goes completely digital - Microphones to the Transmitter with Ron Paley's assistance.

Our Second Cool Stuff Award - Streaming Commercial Replacement

2001: Another Cool Stuff Award2001: Another Cool Stuff Award
When the union representing commercial voiceover talent demanded payment for both the broadcast AND the streaming performance of their work, advertising agencies balked. They told radio not to stream their commercials - or to pay the fees themselves. Ron Paley came up with a way to replace those streamed commercials in real time - preventing radio from abandoning the internet and winning the Cool Stuff Award.

First Cool Stuff Award - Digital Logger

NAB Cool Stuff 2000 is digital logger2000: Digital Logger is Cool Stuff
In Canada, the CRTC (Canadian version of the FCC) mandated that all stations must retain an audio log for 30 days. Tapes drives were expensive, inefficient and hard to maintain at multi-station facilities. Ron Paley's multi-task logger software innovation is still in wide use.

Use ANY Sound Card With Our Embedded Audio Codecs

Embedded Audio Codecs Breakthrough1997: No More Proprietary Sound Cards
A giant leap forward for radio stations that needed additional workstations. Ron Paley used embedded audio codecs in radio automation and eliminated proprietary sound cards. Suddenly PDs, MDs, and Traffic people could rip CDs, import audio files, record edit and play overlapped MP2, MP3, Windows Media WMA, ADPCM and WAV files at their desk. Our software ran fully on any Windows computer with a generic Soundblaster card.

Blue Jays Baseball Runs with Unattended Control Room

Blue Jays Unattended Control Room1996: Blue Jays Game With No Board Op
Our pioneering Sports-Remote interface allows fully automated Live or Satellite stations to run games with totally unattended control rooms. Developed for Telemedia Radio, this same system is used today in most sports syndicated programming. You can buy our newest version here.

Ron & Ted Paley purchase MediaTouch for OMT Technologies

oakwood buys mediatouch1994: Oakwood Buys Mediatouch
Ron Paley becomes President of MediaTouch Systems Inc, Salem, NH, and acquires world rights, technology, patents, customer base. He moves operations to Winnipeg. Ron & Ted Paley form OMT Technologies combining Oakwood Audio Labs and MediaTouch.

First North American Super Duopoly Automation System

1992 CKOK First 4 station automation system1992: CKOK - First 4 Station Automation
CKOK AM & FM: The first “Super Duopoly” radio site in North America with local AM & FM, 2 AM’s remote controlled sites all sharing audio from central Novell File Server audio database, 4000+ music titles using Dolby AC-2 format, developed by Ron Paley. Installed the OSG Radio Group stations in Osoyoos, Summerland & (2) in Penticton, British Columbia. OSG Management insisted that the CBSI traffic system also reside and operate off the same Novell server…. We made it work. The very same system design (without CBSI on it) was implemented and installed at Fort Lauderdale, FL by engineer John Morris.

Revolutionary Radio Automation Systems: Touch Screens and No Console!

1985: Radio's Automation Revolution Begins1985: Radio's Automation Revolution Begins
Early radio automation systems used dozens of oversized reel-to-reel players. MediaTouch Systems created the first modern radio automation system with a touch screen user interface, an on-off button panel instead of an audio console, serial interface to audio router/switcher/mixer - just like today's radio IP systems. The touchscreen process playing music was patented and ownership of the patent transitioned to Ron & Ted Paley when they acquired MediaTouch in 1992. Your smart phone touchscreen is still licensed under this same patent.

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