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djb radio logger 16 channel

Webstream Logger Bundles are available with:

- rack mounted or desktop computers

- Audioscience or USB sound cards

- Wheatnet or Axia sound drivers

- Prebuilt, bench tested and shipped "Plug N Record"




Competition Monitoring
- DJB WebStream Logger is the easiest solution for sales personnel to use their desktop and the DJB WebStream browser to check and see who’s advertising.


Webstream [OFF AIR] Monitor
- Connect your station url and receive email or connect a trigger warning to advise your personnel if your stream is down.


CRTC Compliant Logger
- Canadian broadcasters CRTC compliant AM or FM signal logging with [OFF AIR] drive monitoring with email and trigger capable warning.


Air Studio Mic Skimmer
- Allows Air Studio Host recording of just spoken word. Using the DJB WebStream Logger browser, it’s an efficient way for Administrators to quickly check what’s being said.


Best of Show Capture & Archive
- Allows recording of shows, with selectable segments for replay later. A wide variety of audio record formats is available for efficient storage space.
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