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Our Automated Radio Station Software Products

DJB Zone

DJB Zone - Radio. Automation. Reimagined.

All the top features in a custom layout of your choosing, on one or two monitors. DJB ZONE allows the user to resize, move, and save custom layouts for instant recall to according to each host's needs. All the detail can be found on the DJB Zone page!

DJB Zone

DJB Radio our top radio broadcasting software

DJB Radio - Our Top Radio Broadcasting Software

DJB Radio is our full feature radio station automation software for OnAir and Production studios. It also comes with a scheduler that lists music, satellite, talk and also URL events in any combination in one daily log. DJB Radio Bundles with OnAir, Production, Scheduler Web Assisted Tech Setup & Annual Support start at $1595.00. Click the button to learn more.

DJB Radio

DJB Radio Spider won a Cool Stuff Award at the NAB

Radio Spider Download

Every day your radio station has to actively go out and download programming.  Some sits waiting for you on a website, some an FTP server, much more comes by email.  Radio Spider automates the capture of all of that content, getting it all automatically.

Radio Spider

Our Radio Logging software is amazing

Webstream Radio Logging Software

We’ve actually won two awards for this program. The original won for eliminating the old tape-based loggers of yesterday and digitizing the whole process.  Now we’ve innovated the process again, by eliminating the need for expensive audio interfaces and proprietary multi channel cards. Our latest Webstream Logger allows you to capture logger audio off a webstream. Oh, did we mention it can record up to 16 streams at the same time on a cheap desktop computer.

Webstream Logger

The Best Internet Radio Broadcasting Software

Button Broadcaster - Best Internet Radio Broadcasting Software

Internet broadcasters love this radio software! It’s low cost. It’s got all the features they need without the fluff. It was written by radio people who know radio software has to just work, so you know it's dependable. And there are three variations, so we've got one to fit your budget.

NEW! We've added iBroadcaster for iTunes® Pro and Button Broadcaster Pro now has VOICE TRACKING!

Button Box

DJB II – Starter

DJB-II Starter - You Won't Believe The Price

DJB-II-STARTER is ideal radio automation software for LPFM, AM, Internet Radio, Student & College Radio. It's full feature software with limited Tech & Support help. Best of all DJB offers a free 90 demo so users can take advantage of the extra time to install and get broadcasting. Click [DJB-II-Starter] to learn more

DJB-II Starter


Radio Automation Support

Creating great radio broadcasting software is only half the job.  We know you’ll want help in putting the software to work and integrating it into your station.  And if that software quits working, you want to know there is someone there to get you back on the air.

DJB Radio has a whole staff of people ready to help you get your new system up and running, learn the ways it works, and pick up the pieces if things don’t work right. And this isn’t some overseas phone center with people reading off a computer monitor. Our support team is down in the trenches and even the newest member has over 20 years of experience.


Try It Before You Buy It - FREE Trials Are Encouraged!

Many of our products are available for a a FREE 30 Day Trial.  You can test them, try them, do your worst to them. We know they're going to impress you, so we want you to give them a spin.

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